Dense Media Separations of Diamonds

Dense Media Separation of Diamonds – DMS Powders

Dense Media Separation uses method of separating valuable material from water-based materials, through by means of gravity. The dense media separation of diamonds makes use of ferrosilicon powders, a Dense Media Separation powder produced by DMS Powders.

DMS Powders is a leading manufacturer of ferrosilicon powders, used in the process of the extraction of diamonds via Dense Media Separation. DMS Powders is a world leading manufacturer of ferrosilicon powders, supplying clients with high quality products for this purpose. Contact DMS Powders today for more information about our ferrosilicon powders and products for the Dense Media Separation of diamonds.

About the dense media separation of diamonds with ferrosilicon

Dense Media Separation is a well-known sink-float method and technology used within the coal, iron ore and diamond industries. In the process of Dense Media Separation in diamonds, a powdered ferrosilicon (which is an alloy of iron) is suspended in water to form a very defined pulp density (heavy liquid), close to the density of diamond (3.52 g/cm3). The diamond bearing material is then added to the fluid, which will start the separation process of the heavier minerals from the lighter material. Heavier minerals will then sink in the slurry, whilst the lighter materials will rise to the surface.

The process of Dense Media Separation is commonly used within the extraction of diamonds, and other minerals where there is a distinct difference in density in comparison to the unwanted waste material. It is also essential that the mineral be released from the waste material during the crushing phase of the mineral extraction. In addition to the diamond processing industry, Dense Media Separation is also successfully used in the coal, iron, lead/zinc, chromite, manganese, fluorspar and spodumene industries.


  • Atomised FeSi

    Coarse, Fine, Cyclone 60, Cyclone 40, DMS 70

  • Milled FeSi

    65D, 100D, 150D, 270D, 270F

Ferrosilicon powders for Dense Media Separation from DMS Powders

DMS Powders produces ferrosilicon powders for use in dense media separation technology, by means of a highly sophisticated production process. Our ferrosilicon products include:

  • Atomised ferrosilicon: Available in Coarse, Fine, Cyclone 60, Cyclone 40, DMS 70;
  • Miller ferrosilicon: Available in 65D, 100D, 150D, 270D, 270F.

DMS Powder’s packaging of our ferrosilicon products have been design with easy handling, safety, durability, product integrity and the resistance against water in mind:

  • 125kg steel drums on pallets
  • 250kg plastic drums on pallets
  • 1mt & 2mt bags loose or on pallets.

Read more about the guidelines for the selection of your ferrosilicon grade from DMS Powders, for the best results. Talk to a consultant at DMS Powders today for more information about our ferrosilicon products for your specific application needs – leading manufacturers of ferrosilicon powders for dense media separation of diamonds.

What is Heavy Media Gravity Separation?

Heavy media gravity separation is an industrial process widely used in the separation of minerals from mineral bearing material. This method is very efficient for its purpose, offering companies and mineral plants a cost-effective mineral processing method. Heavy media gravity separation involves the use of Ferrosilicon powders (in diamond processing plants), combined with water, to form a slurry of a specific density. This creates the perfect environment for materials with different densities to be separated via gravity. Read more about heavy media gravity separation and our suitable Ferrosilicon powders. Ask an experienced consultant at DMS Powders for assistance to purchase your Ferrosilicon powders to be used in a mineral processing plant.


Our packaging has been specifically designed for:

  • Ease of handling
  • Safety
  • Product integrity
  • Durability
  • Water resistance
  • 125kg steel drums on pallets

  • 250kg plastic drums on pallets

  • 1mt & 2mt bags loose or on pallets.

Ferrosilicon production process

DMS Powders is a leading producer of Ferrosilicon in South Africa, supplying our quality Ferrosilicon to clients locally and across the world. DMS Powders produces two types of ferrosilicon produced, namely Milled Ferrosilicon and Atomised Ferrosilicon (which are defined in terms of their production process). Atomised Ferrosilicon possesses a more spherical shape, while Milled Ferrosilicon is more angularly shaped. Ferrosilicon production is a specialised process that undergoes stringent quality and control measures to ensure quality products that meet the required specifications. DMS Powders' production process ensures consistent quality is achieved, supplying ferrosilicon particles that are equally sized and solid for excellent performance in dense media separation processes.  Read more about the ferrosilicon production process to see how this product is produced.

Different grades of Ferrosilicon

There are different grades of ferrosilicon available for different applications and conditions. DMS Powders manufactures a range of different ferrosilicon grades to meet the needs of our clients in the dense media separation of diamonds business. The team at DMS Powders will help you to get the best grade of ferrosilicon to fit you application needs, related to Density, Viscosity and Stability. There are number of factors that play a role in the choice of ferrosilicon grade. The team at DMS Powders are highly experienced in mineral processing, and our company offers all the technical support you will need for excellent process management. Contact DMS Powders today for more information about the different grades of ferrosilicon, and to order your ferrosilicon products.