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DMS Powders

Dense Media Separation Powders – DMS Powders

Dense Media Separation Powders are used in the Dense Media Separation process. This process involves the separation of Diamonds or other minerals from diamond / mineral bearing material by means of a heavy liquid. The heavy liquid is formed by adding Dense Media Separation Powders, namely Ferrosilicon, to water in order to reach a specific density.

DMS Powders is a leading producer of Dense Media Separation powders for this purpose, namely Milled and Atomised Ferrosilicon. If you require the use of Milled or Atomised Ferrosilicon products for the Dense Media Separation of Diamonds, contact DMS Powders today. We supply a range of Ferrosilicon grades, and will help you to determine the best grade of product for your specific application and use.

Atomised FeSi: Coarse, Fine, Cyclone 60, Cyclone 40, DMS 70
Milled FeSi: 65D, 100D, 150D, 270D, 270F

DMS Powders

About the Dense Media Separation of Diamonds

Dense Media Separation uses the forces of gravity to separate particles with different densities. Once the pulp is formed by adding Dense Media Separation Powders to water in order to reach a desired density, the diamond-bearing material is then submerged into the heavy liquid, to separate the diamonds from other particles.

This process is also referred to as a sink-float method, as heavier particles will sink whilst lighter particles will float. The process is widely used in the diamond processing industry, easily separating diamonds from other material. There are different grades of Ferrosilicon powders available, and a number of factors to consider when choosing your Ferrosilicon product. The properties of the Ferrosilicon powders can impact the Dense Media Separation process. These properties include:

  • Medium density: The density of the medium is the most important aspect to consider. The density of the medium will ultimately determine at which density the separation process will take place.
  • Medium viscosity: The resistance to flow is indicated by the Viscosity of the medium.
  • Medium stability: Related to the medium viscosity, is the medium stability, referring to the tendency of the medium to settle out.


Our packaging has been specifically designed for:

Ease of handling
Product integrity
Water resistance

125kg steel drums on pallets

250kg plastic drums on pallets

1mt & 2mt bags loose or on pallets

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Let DMS Powders assist you to select the best Dense Media Separation Powders (Ferrosilicon) to get the best solution for your application needs. Talk to a consultant today about our atomised and milled ferrosilicon products for your Dense Media Separation Process. Our professional team will ensure you obtain the best ferrosilicon products that will deliver the best results in your diamond processing plant. You can rely on our expertise and global knowledge, coupled with experienced product and technical support when making use of DMS Powders.

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