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Ferrosilicon is a ferroalloy of Iron and Silicon, used for a number of applications in industrial plants and environments. DMS Powders is a leading Ferrosilicon alloy manufacturer based in South Africa, exporting Ferrosilicon Powders to clients across Africa and Internationally.

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  • Atomised FeSi

    Coarse, Fine, Cyclone 60, Cyclone 40, DMS 70

  • Milled FeSi

    65D, 100D, 150D, 270D, 270F

Ferrosilicon for Dense Media Separation from DMS Powders

DMS Powders manufactures Ferrosilicon alloys specifically for use in Dense Medium Separation to separate diamonds from diamond bearing material. The production of Ferrosilicon for use in Dense Medium Separation processes requires sophisticated production and quality assurance techniques, essential to ensure tight control of chemical composition as well as physical properties. The benefits of using Ferrosilicon from DMS Powders manufactured through this sophisticated process include:

  • Ferrosilicon powders from DMS Powders feature narrow particle distribution, which offers predictable medium behaviour
  • Excellent recovery due high magnetic susceptibility of the medium
  • High specific gravity of medium
  • Economical operating costs due to high specific gravity and magnetic recoverability of the medium

In the process of Dense Medium Separation, Ferrosilicon powder is mixed with water in a tank, to form a medium of a very specific density. Once the required density is reached, the diamond bearing material is added to the mixture. Particles with lower densities will rise to the top, while particles with higher density will sink to the bottom, or be pushed out the sides. This is also referred to as a sink-float or gravity separation method.   Three important properties of the suspension or ‘medium’ are density, viscosity and stability, which are inter-related:

  • Medium density: The proportion of Ferrosilicon powders present in the liquid will determine the medium density. Density can thus be increased by adding more Ferrosilicon to the mixture. The density can be reduced by adding water to the pulp.
  • Medium viscosity: The viscosity of the medium refers to the resistance to flow. The concentration, shape and size of the Ferrosilicon will ultimately determine to what extent the medium is resistant to flow.
  • Medium stability: The tendency of the solids in the medium to settle out is referred to as medium stability. Stability plays a role in determining the behaviour of the medium in the separating process.


  • 125kg steel drums on pallets

  • 250kg plastic drums on pallets

  • 1mt & 2mt bags loose or on pallets.

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DMS Powders produce a wide range of Ferrosilicon products, including the following:

Atomised Ferrosilicon: Coarse, Fine, Cyclone 60, Cyclone 40, DMS 70

Milled Ferrosilicon: 65D, 100D, 150D, 270D, 270F

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