What is Ferrosilicon?

What is Ferrosilicon?

Ferrosilicon is an alloy of iron and silicon, usually containing a silicon content of 15 - 90% (weight percentage), depending on usage and application needs. The process of producing Ferrosilicon involves a reduction of silica or sand with coke in the presence of iron. Millscale or scrap irons is generally used in the production process of Ferrosilicon, and Ferrosilicon is usually produced in an electric arc furnace (especially with high silicon content).

DMS Powders is a leading supplier of Ferrosilicon products in Africa, supplying two types of Ferrosilicon to clients across the world. For more information about Ferrosilicon, talk to the leading Ferrosilicon supplier in Africa.

  • Atomised FeSi

    Coarse, Fine, Cyclone 60, Cyclone 40, DMS 70

  • Milled FeSi

    65D, 100D, 150D, 270D, 270F

What is Ferrosilicon from DMS Powders used for?

Ferrosilicon produced by DMS Powders is widely used in diamond processing, where diamonds and other minerals are separated from diamond bearing material through an effective method called Dense Media Separation. Dense Media Separation is a process that uses the laws of gravity to separate materials with different densities (such as diamonds and kimberlites). The Ferrosilicon used is a powder like substance, that is applied in a DMS plant. The powdered Ferrosilicon is mixed with water to form a substance that is close to the density of diamonds. Once the correct density is achieved, the diamond-bearing material is submerged into the mixture. A swirling movement allows the liquid to mix with the material added, and will the gravity separation process will begin. Material with lighter density will rise to the surface, while material with a heavier density will sink to the bottom, or sides of the tank. Although further processing is required for diamond retrieval, this has proven to be an effective method for initial diamond separation processing.


Our packaging has been specifically designed for:

  • Ease of handling
  • Safety
  • Product integrity
  • Durability
  • Water resistance
  • 125kg steel drums on pallets

  • 250kg plastic drums on pallets

  • 1mt & 2mt bags loose or on pallets.

Types of Ferrosilicon by DMS Powders

DMS Powders produce two types of Ferrosilicon for use in Dense Media Separation of Diamonds, namely Milled and Atomised Ferrosilicon. Atomized Ferrosilicon possesses a spherical shape, where Milled Ferrosilicon is more angularly shaped, with slight differences in the production process. DMS Powders supplies the following Ferrosilicon products:

  • Milled Ferrosilicon is available in: 65D, 100D, 150D, 270D, 270F products.
  • Atomized Ferrosilicon is available in Coarse, Fine, Cyclone 60, Cyclone 40, DMS 70.  

Get quality Ferrosilicon products and excellent service from DMS Powders

DMS Powders is a reputable supplier of Ferrosilicon products, exporting our Ferrosilicon products to clients across the globe. If you require Ferrosilicon products for your diamond processing / dense media separation process, talk to a representative at DMS Powders today. Our professional and knowledgeable team will assist with all the  technical support regarding your selection of Ferrosilicon, to ensure that you get the best products for your process requirements.  

More about Ferrosilicon

  • Uses of Ferrosilicon: Other than to facilitate the Dense Media Separation of Diamonds, what is Ferrosilicon used for? This Ferroalloy is used in a number of other industrial applications, such as to manufacture other Ferroalloys, deoxidise steel, other heavy media separation processes and the manufacturing of pre-alloys, like Magnesium, to name a few. Read more about these and other uses of Ferrosilicon in industrial environments.
  • Physical Properties of Ferrosilicon: Different processes require different grades or types of Ferrosilicon. The different Ferrosilicon grades have different physical properties, which will determine the in-circuit behaviour of the product. The main factors and characteristics to consider in order to get the best Ferrosilicon for your application, is Medium Density, Viscosity and Stability, which are all interrelated. Read more about the properties of Ferrosilicon, or discuss your process needs with a professional consultant at DMS Powers today.
  • Production Process of Ferrosilicon: DMS Powders produce both Milled and Atomised Ferrosilicon. The process of Ferrosilicon production involves the reduction of sand or silica (Si) with coke / coal (C), and then reacting it with iron (Fe) which can be obtained from scraps. The Carbon in the coal is required to remove the oxygen, leaving a pure Silicon and Iron (FeSi) product. Read more about the manufacturing of Ferrosilicon, or direct all your queries to DMS Powders today - leading supplier of Ferrosilicon.

Order your Ferrosilicon from DMS Powders

Now that you know exactly what Ferrosilicon is, and how it is used in Dense Media Separation and other processes, order your Ferrosilicon from DMS Powders today. Our team will help you to get the best Ferrosilicon product for your application. You can trust DMS Powders for the following reasons and benefits:

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