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Competing within the chemical industry, you ought to know the importance of utilizing only the highest quality chemical substances available, seeing as your own business will subsequently be benefited this way.  However, the exact opposite is unfortunately also true, meaning that the utilization of low quality chemical substances during your business operations will bring forth numerous negative repercussions.  The same basic principle also applies to ferro silicon, one of the most popular chemical substances used nowadays.  As such, an effective method to find a reputable ferro silicon manufacturer supplying only high quality ferro silicon is by conducting thorough research with regards to their ferro silicon plant.

By means of strict quality control standards we produce a product with the following benefits:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Magnetic properties allowing easy recovery and de-magnetisation
  • High specific gravity
  • Economical operating costs
  • Atomised FeSi

    Coarse, Fine, Cyclone 60, Cyclone 40, DMS 70

  • Milled FeSi

    65D, 100D, 150D, 270D, 270F

Our Responsibilty

Anyone working within the chemical industry will testify to the fact that the manner in which a specific ferro silicon manufacturer’s ferro silicon plant is run will ultimately determine the quality standard of the ferro silicon manufactured and supplied by them.  Thus in stead of simply making a purchase from either the first or the cheapest ferro silicon manufacturer or supplier you come across, it is most definitely worth the effort to inform yourself on the ferro silicon plant of the manufacturer or supplier you are interested in conducting business with before making a final decision.  Only if the ferro silicon plant can give you the peace of mind knowing that it is professionally run should you subsequently continue business transactions.

DMS Powders’ Ferro Silicon Plant is responsible for the production of high-quality Ferro Silicon

In stead of preventing prospective customers from visiting our ferro silicon plant like some of our industry competitors, DMS Powders actually welcomes it.  The main reason for this being the case can be attributed to the fact that the staff members in charge of running DMS Powders’ ferro silicon plant have absolutely nothing to hide.  Thus there is really nothing concerning our ferro silicon plant that will create a bad impression and as such deter potential customers from purchasing ferro silicon from us.  In contrast, DMS Powders has found that the largest percentage of customers paying a personal visit to our ferro silicon plant instantly start negotiations with regards to the purchase of ferro silicon.

The success of DMS Powders to instantly persuade prospective customers to conduct business with us can largely be attributed to the professional manner in which our ferro silicon plant is being run.  We only employ individuals who possess the necessary experience, skills and knowledge concerning ferro silicon to work within our ferro silicon plant.  This way the management of DMS Powders ensures that high quality industry standards are maintained in our ferro silicon plant on a continuous basis.  The resultant effect of this is the manufacturing and supply of ferro silicon that will help your own business to become an industry leader over the long term.  As can thus be derived from the information supplied in this article, you should have absolutely no hesitation in making DMS Powders’ ferro silicon plant your ferro silicon plant of choice.

  • Atomised FeSi

    125kg steel drums on pallets, 1mt bags

  • Milled FeSi

    250kg plastic drums on pallets, 1mt and 2mt bags

  • Bags

    can be placed on pallets upon request