Ferrosilicon – Frequently Asked Questions

Ferrosilicon - Frequently Asked Questions - DMS Powders

What is Ferrosilicon?

Basically, Ferrosilicon (FeSi) is a ferroalloy of silicon and iron. The ratio in which the silicon and iron substances are combined differs, with the weight percentage of silicon ranging between 15% and 90%. 

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How is Ferrosilicon produced?

The production process of ferrosilicon entails the reduction of silica, sand and coke, whilst in the presence or iron. Depending on the silicon content, this process will either take place within a blast furnace or electric arc furnace.

What Ferrosilicon products are available from DMS Powders?

DMS Powders supplies the following Ferrosilicon products:

  • Atomised ferrosilicon (which possesses a spherical shape) is available in the following ranges: Coarse, Fine, Cyclone 60, Cyclone 40 and DMS 70. Products are used in applications where the separating density is greater 3.0sg (specific gravity).
  • Milled ferrosilicon is widely used in applications where the separation medium is lower than 3.2sg. The range of milled ferrosilicon is produced directly related to the size distribution, namely 65D, 100D, 150D, 270D and 270F.

What are the physical properties of Ferrosilicon?

  • Melting point between 1210°C and 1380°C.
  • Boiling point: 2355°C.
  • Shape / appearance: Particles can be spherical or irregular.
  • Colour: Silver to dark grey.
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant.
  • Odourless but harmful if inhaled.
  • Combustible dust particles.
  • Atomised FeSi

    Coarse, Fine, Cyclone 60, Cyclone 40, DMS 70

  • Milled FeSi

    65D, 100D, 150D, 270D, 270F


What is Ferrosilicon used for?

There are a number of uses of Ferrosilicon products, including, but not limited to:

  • Deoxidizing steel: Ferrosilicon is used in steelmaking industries, deoxidizing steel as well as other ferrous alloys. This helps to prevent loss of carbon from molten steel.
  • Dense media separation of diamonds: Ferrosilicon products are widely used in Diamond Processing plants, in the dense media separation process. Ferrosilicon powders in combined with a liquid base to form a pulp of the desired density. Diamond bearing material is the submerged into the pulp, which will ultimately separate the diamonds from other materials via gravity.
  • Heavy media separation: Ferrosilicon is widely used in the metallurgical industry for the processes of atomisation, melting and heavy media separation reactions.
  • Pre-alloys: Ferrosilicon is used in the manufacturing of pre-alloys such as Magnesium ferrosilicon and other.

What is Dense Media Separation?

Dense Media Separation is a sink-float method used within the coal, iron ore and especially diamond industries. The powdered ferrosilicon is suspended in water to form a very specific pulp density (heavy liquid), close to the density of diamonds (3.52 g/cm3). The diamond bearing material is then added to the fluid, which will start the separation process of the heavier minerals from the lighter material. Heavier minerals will then sink in the slurry, whilst the lighter materials will rise to the surface.

Does DMS Powders distribute Ferrosilicon products internationally?

DMS Powders is a leading distributor of Ferrosilicon products, distributing locally and internationally.

What package sizes of Ferrosilicon is available from DMS Powders?

Choose from different sized Ferrosilicon packaging including: 125kg steel drums on pallets, 250kg plastic drums on pallets and 1mt & 2mt bags loose or on pallets.

How do you select the right Ferrosilicon grade?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right Ferrosilicon grade for your application. This includes the Viscosity, Stability and Density of the medium DMS Powders will help you to obtain the best Ferrosilicon grade for your needs

Where can I get more information about DMS Powders and their products?

Contact the leading producer of Ferrosilicon products today for more information about our products and to place your order. Our professional consultants will assist. 

Ferrosilicon for Sale for various applications

Ferrosilicon is used for various processes in industrial environments, one of which is to facilitate Heavy Medium Separation. Heavy Medium Separation, or Dense Medium Separation is used to separate diamonds, minerals, ore bodies and scrap metal from other materials through a gravimetric-based separation. This process is effective, easy and cost-efficient. It is, however, essential to get the best type and grade of Ferrosilicon for your application needs, to ensure effective separation results. As a leading supplier of Ferrosilicon for sale, DMS Powders will provide you with top quality Ferrosilicon powders that meet your specifications and requirements. Read more about our Ferrosilicon for sale, or get in touch with a consultant at DMS Powders today to discuss your application needs. 


Our packaging has been specifically designed for:

  • Ease of handling
  • Safety
  • Product integrity
  • Durability
  • Water resistance
  • 125kg steel drums on pallets

  • 250kg plastic drums on pallets

  • 1mt & 2mt bags loose or on pallets.

How is ferrosilicon produced?

The production of Ferrosilicon involves the reduction of sand or silica (Si) with coke / coal (C), and then reacting it with iron (Fe) which can be obtained from scraps. This process will usually happen blast furnace or electric arc furnace. The carbon in the coal is necessary to remove the oxygen, leaving a clean Silicon and Iron product as result. The perfect chemical composition needs to be reached to achieve ferrosilicon products with the desired densities and in the right grades.

What is the chemical composition of Ferrosilicon?

The usual chemical composition of Ferrosilicon is a Silicon content of 15%, 45%, 75%, or 90%. Most of the remaining compound are made up of iron, with about 2% of other elements, usually aluminium and calcium.

Is Ferrosilicon toxic?

Yes, ferrosilicon is quite toxic, and direct contact should be avoided. When exposed to moisture, ferrosilicon can produce toxic and flammable gasses, hazardous to human health. Ferrosilicon can cause irritation to the skin and eyes, and an irritated respiratory tract when inhaling the gasses. The necessary precautions should be made when handling the product, including personal protective equipment such as filter respirators, goggles, protective gloves and clothes. DMS Powders package ferrosilicon products effectively to ensure safe handling and management without posing a risk, in containers and packaging that are also waterproof.  

How should you store ferrosilicon?

The ferrosilicon containers supplied by DMS Powders are suitable for storing. First ensure all containers are properly closed when being stored. The ferrosilicon containers should be kept in a dry and well-ventilated area.

Source: www.chemistrylearner.com

What is a DMS Plant?

A DMS plant, or Dense Media Separation plant, is where diamond recovery / processing takes place. The plant is designed to provide the ideal environment for the process of dense media separation of diamonds, using the law of gravity. Dense Media Separation requires the use of powdered Ferrosilicon, which is combined with water to reach a certain density. The diamond bearing material is added to the mixture, in order for Dense Media Separation to take place. Read more about what a DMS plant is.

Atomized vs. Milled Ferrosilicon

Not sure about Milled vs. Atomized Ferrosilicon for your process needs? Milled 15% Ferrosilicon is the most cost-effective option, but quality is however not always constant, leading to difficult operation and inconsistent consumption.  Finer grades of Ferrosilicon, leading to higher milling costs, yet causes higher loss. Atomized Ferrosilicon, although more expensive of the two Ferrosilicon ranges, offers lower (and more consistent)consumption. Let the team at DMS Powders assist you to find the correct grade of Ferrosilicon that will meet your application needs. Our team will offer you all the technical assistance you need.

How Ferrosilicon is used diamond processing plants

Ferrosilicon is used in a number of different applications and industrial processes, but mainly in diamond processing plants. Ferrosilicon is used to create a medium with a very specific density that will facilitate the separation of diamonds from diamond-bearing material, by means of dense media separation / the sink-float method. Ferrosilicon is manufactured in different grades, each with slightly different characteristics and properties, which makes it easier to select the right grade for use in diamond processing plants. Let a consultant at DMS Powders help you to find the best grade of Ferrosilicon for use in diamond processing plants. Read more about how Ferrosilicon is applied in diamond processing plants, or contact DMS Powders today for assistance.

Mineral processing product suppliers in South Africa

Mineral processing plants require the use of a number of products and equipment to facilitate Dense Media Separation.  DMS Powders is a leading mineral processing product supplier in South Africa, producing a selection of Ferrosilicon products in different grades for use in the mineral processing industry. Ferrosilicon in widely used by DMS plants across the world, offering users an effective method to separate diamonds and minerals from mineral bearing material. Contact the trusted mineral processing product supplier in South Africa to order your Ferrosilicon products.

Does DMS Powders distribute ferrosilicon products to clients across Africa?

DMS Powders is a leading distributor of Ferrosilicon products in Africa, and will provide your company / mineral processing plant in Africa with quality Ferrosilicon products. Talk to a consultant today about exporting the Ferrosilicon products you need to the location you are based in. DMS Powders will aim to assist as far as possible. Contact the leading distributor of Ferrosilicon products in Africa today to get the product you need for your specific application.

Diamond Recovery Products

DMS Powders is a leading producer and supplier of a diamond recovery product, namely Ferrosilicon, which is widely used in the diamond processing industry. Ferrosilicon provides an effective and cost-efficient method for mineral processing, which is why it is the most popular method when it comes to diamond separation techniques. Contact DMS Powers today for more information about our diamond recovery product, Ferrosilicon, and to place your order. There are various grades of Ferrosilicon available, including Milled and Atomised Ferrosilicon, to meet the different needs of our clients' processes.


Specifications and grades of Ferrosilicon

There are various grades of Ferrosilicon with different specifications, to meet the needs of different applications. DMS Powders supplies a wide range of Atomised and Milled Ferrosilicon products, with different specifications. If you are looking for a specific grade of Ferrosilicon that possesses certain specifications, talk to a consultant at DMS Powders today. We will advise you on the different grades of Ferrosilicon, and help you t select the best grade for your specific needs. Read more about the specifications of Ferrosilicon, or simply contact our company today. DMS Powders is a leading supplier of Milled and Atomised Ferrosilicon powders in Africa, supplying client across the globe with quality Ferrosilicon products that meet their specification needs.


International supplier of Ferrosilicon

Looking for an International supplier of Ferrosilicon? Let DMS Powders assist. As a reputable International supplier of Ferrosilicon, you can expect quality products supplied according to your specifications. Our Ferrosilicon products are packaged to ensure safe and easy transportation, and are available in various package sizes to meet your needs. Trust the leading producer of Ferrosilicon products to supply you with quality Atomised and Milled Ferrosilicon Powders. Read more about Ferrosilicon products from this International supplier of Ferrosilicon, or speak to a professional consultant today to place your order.

Characteristics and benefits of Ferrosilicon from DMS Powders

DMS Powders aims to provide the best Ferrosilicon products for use in Dense Media Separation processes, and more specifically, the separation of diamonds from diamond bearing material. Diamond processing plants commonly use Ferrosilicon powders to facilitate the Heavy Medium Separation processes, as it is an effective method when it comes to diamond recovery. Dense Media Separation is a specialised process, and it is essential that the perfect grade of Ferrosilicon with the right physical properties and behavioural characteristics is used, for an effective sink-float process to take place. Read about the characteristics and benefits of Ferrosilicon powders from DMS Powders.

Application of Ferrosilicon

Not sure how ferrosilicon is applied in Dense Media / Heavy Medium Separation? DMS Powders mainly produce Ferrosilicon powder for use in Dense Media Separation of diamonds and minerals. Dense Media Separation involves the mixing of Ferrosilicon powders with water to form a pulp of a certain density, in which the diamond-bearing material is submerged to initiate the sink-float gravity separation process. Dense Media Separation is an effective method when it comes to the initial processing of diamonds. Read more about the application of Ferrosilicon in Diamond processing, or contact DMS Powders today to enquire about our range of Ferrosilicon products.

Diamond mining, extraction and processing

Diamond mining is a specialised industry and field, requiring highly sophisticated processes. Raw material, namely Kimberlite, is extracted from the diamond mine, and is transported to a diamond plant, for further processing. Diamonds are initially extracted from the Kimberlite (diamond-bearing material) via the process of Dense Media Separation. This method is widely used in diamond plants, due to it being an effective and cost-efficient method to separate diamonds from other material. Ferrosilicon is used in this diamond extraction method, to facilitate the separation process.

Leading Ferrosilicon producers in Africa

Trust the leading Ferrosilicon producers in Africa with all your Ferrosilicon needs. DMS Powders exports Ferrosilicon products to clients in many Africa countries, supplying them with quality Ferrosilicon products, reliable service and competitive prices. DMS Powder's production expertise is coupled with experienced product technical support, long-term customer relationships and extensive knowledge of global logistics. These factors all contribute to the success of the business, making us the number one Ferrosilicon producers in Africa. Get in touch with the leading producer of Ferrosilicon in Africa in order to facilitate effective Dense Media Separation of diamonds. DMS Powders will supply you with the right products and grades for your diamond processing needs.

Ferrosilicon Company

DMS Powders is a reputable Ferrosilicon company based in South Africa, supplying local and international clients with quality Ferrosilicon products that meet their specifications and needs. Talk to a consultant at this company to get assistance from the leading Ferrosilicon company in Africa. Our products undergo stringent quality control, and our team have perfected this specialised production process, to ensure quality Ferrosilicon products for our clients. For an successful Dense Media Separation process to take place, it is essential to use the right grade of Ferrosilicon, with the right properties. This is why DMS Powders manufactures a range of Ferrosilicon powders, to meet the needs of different plants and processes. Talk to a consultant at the leading Ferrosilicon company today!

Heavy Media Gravity Separation

Heavy media gravity separation is a process that involves the separation of different materials via gravity , due to different densities of the materials involved. A mixture of fine media (Ferrosilicon) and water is combined to form a slurry that possesses a very specific gravity / density. This mixture will allow low density media to rise above the medium, and high density material to sink below the medium. Ferrosilicon is widely used in the application of heavy media gravity separation, due to its specific properties and density. DMS Powders is a leading supplier of Ferrosilicon for Heavy Medium Separation processes.

Supplier of Ferrosilicon in Africa

If you are seeking a reputable manufacturer and supplier of Ferrosilicon in Africa, you are in the right place. DMS Powders is a renowned supplier of Ferrosilicon products in Africa, providing clients across the continent and internationally with quality Ferrosilicon products for their Dense Media Separation  needs. Order your Ferrosilicon products from the leading supplier in Africa today. For more information about DMS Powders' Atomised or Milled Ferrosilicon products, get in touch with a professional consultant for assistance.

Ferrosilicon for Magnesium Manufacturing

Although Ferrosilicon from DMS Powders is mainly used in Dense Media Separation processes, Ferrosilicon is also used for a number of other applications. Once use of Ferrosilicon is in the manufacturing of Magnesium. This requires the combination of Ferrosilicon (because it is the cheapest and most commonly used form of Silicon) with Magnesia. Read more about Ferrosilicon for Magnesium Manufacturing, or speak to a consultant at DMS Powders today. DMS Powders supplies a comprehensive range of Ferrosilicon powders, suitable for various applications, including the manufacturing of Magnesium. Discuss your needs with a knowledgeable consultant at DMS Powders.

Recovery of metals via Dense Media Separation

The dense medium separation process is used throughout the mining and metal recycling industries where metals are recovered by utilizing the difference in density of the products to be separated. If you require high grade Ferrosilicon products for metal recovery, DMS Powders can assist. As a leading producer of Ferrosilicon, we manufacture a wide range of Ferrosilicon powders for metal, mineral and diamond recovery via dense medium separation. Get in touch with a knowledgeable and professional consultant at DMS Powders today for all the information you need about our Ferrosilicon products, and to get the best grade for your metal recovery process.

How are diamonds separated from ore?

When diamonds are mined from underground, they are retrieved by removing large pieces of ore from the mines. These big pieced of ore need to undergo a number of different processes to make them smaller, and to effectively recover the diamonds. Read more about how diamonds are separated from ore, and learn about the different phases in diamond recovery. DMS Powders manufacture quality Ferrosilicon for use in diamond recovery, in the Dense Media Separation process. Get the best Ferrosilicon products from DMS Powders, leading Ferrosilicon manufacturer in Africa.

Looking for Ferrosilicon Traders? Get what you need at DMS Powders

Look no further for Ferro Silicon traders. DMS Powders is a reliable producer of Ferro Silicon products in Africa, supplying to customers right across the globe. Our customers know that we manufacture Ferrosilicon of the highest quality, and that they can expect products that meet their expectations.  When it comes to Dense Media Separation processes in mineral separation plants, a successful separation process relies on a medium that meets very specific numbers in terms of Density, Viscosity and Stability, which are all inter-related. The consultants at DMS Powders will assist and advise you on the best grade and selection of Ferrosilicon products for your processes. Based in South Africa, we can distribute to your plant efficiently and at a cost-effective price.

Gravity Separation Mineral Processing Technique

Gravity Separation is a technique that has been used for centuries in various industrial applications, which involves the use of gravity to effectively separate components from each other. Gravity Separation is a common and widely used method across the globe to separate diamonds and other minerals from mineral-bearing material, through the process called Dense Media Separation. Read more about how Gravity Separation works, and why this method is so effective.

DMS Powder is a leading supplier of Ferrosilicon products for dense Media Separation processes. Order your Ferrosilicon today for a successful Gravity Separation Process.

Ferrosilicon Suppliers in South Africa

DMS Powders is a reputable Ferrosilicon supplier in South Africa. With a wide range of Ferrosilicon powders available, you will find the Ferrosilicon powder you need from our extensive range. Conveniently packages, our Ferrosilicon products are easy to handle, and safe to transport long distances. Get your Ferrosilicon products from a reliable supplier like DMS Powders, for the best results. With DMS Powders at your service, you can rest assured that you will have quality Ferrosilicon products that meet your needs. Contact the leading Ferrosilicon supplier in South Africa today for assistance and to place your order.

What is the manufacturing process of Ferrosilicon?

DMS Powders uses a highly sophisticated manufacturing process to manufacture ferrosilicon products in various grades and specifications. Our manufacturing process has been perfected over the years in order to achieve Ferrosilicon products of top quality, and is suitable for use in various industrial processes. The manufacturing of Ferrosilicon requires the reduction of Silica and Coal, in the presence of iron. Depending on the Silica content, a blast furnace or electrical arc furnace is used to facilitate the process. Read more about the manufacturing process of Ferrosilicon, as well as the types of Ferrosilicon products manufactured by DMS Powders. Get the Ferrosilicon products you need from the leading manufacturer of Ferrosilicon products in South Africa.

Ferrosilicon Price - What is the cost of Ferrosilicon?

If you're looking for Ferrosilicon prices, you are in the right place. As a reputable producer of Ferrosilicon products, you can expect excellent quality Ferrosilicon products at competitive prices. Ferrosilicon products from DMS Powders are available in various packaging and sizes, ensuring you get the amount you need, at a price that fits your budget. Don't sacrifice on quality when it comes to your Ferrosilicon needs, when you can get the best products for your Dense Media Separation process from DMS Powders at a competitive price.

Trust the leaders in the ferrosilicon manufacturing business - get the best Ferrosilicon prices and products from DMS Powders. Send an enquiry today to receive a quote on the products you require.

How is Ferrosilicon used in iron ore processing?

DMS Powders also manufacture Ferrosilicon powders for use in iron ore processing. One method used to separate iron ore from other material, is Heavy Medium Separation. This gravity-separation process requires the use of Ferrosilicon powder of specific characteristics, in order to separate the heavier particles from the lighter particles.

If you require top quality Ferrosilicon for your iron ore separation process, get in touch with the team from DMS Powders today. Our extensive range of Ferrosilicon powders ensure that clients find the best products for their iron ore processing needs. Get the best Ferrosilicon to form a medium with the right density, viscosity and stability, to ensure an effective Heavy Medium Separation process.

For more information about our Ferrosilicon products for iron ore processing, speak to a consultant at DMS Powders today.