About DMS Powders

Our Vision

DMS Powders will continue to be a world class market leader in the production, distribution and marketing of dense media ferrosilicon powders.

Our Mission Elements

Profitably maintain our core business through excellence in production, distribution and marketing.
Develop and enhance global alliances and external relationships to secure optimal market knowledge and increase strategic and operational flexibility.
Empower employees with knowledge and resources to act in accordance with core values.
Create industry benefit by providing opportunities for shared technical knowledge and skills.
Actively manage and build our portfolio of high-quality assets and services.
Continue the drive towards a high-performance organisation, in which every individual accepts responsibility and is rewarded for results.
Earn the trust of employees, customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders by being forthright in our communications and consistently delivering on commitments.

Our Values

Ethics: Uncompromising honesty, integrity, trust and reliability in our dealings with each other.
Excellence: Setting high standards in every aspect of business and continuously striving to out perform them.
Prosperity: Pursuance of productivity and effectiveness to create a fair value proposition for shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers.
Sustainability: An overriding commitment to safety, environmental responsibility and sustainable development.